The Healer Petar Dimkov

The film tells the story of the most famous naturopath in Bulgaria Petur Dimkov (1886 1981). Besides the biographical facts of his life the reel presents concrete formulas and practices that everyone can use in the everyday life for solving different problems.
It has been shot in Sofia, Plovdiv, Karlovo, Stara Zagora, Sliven, Burgas, Madara and Varna. Besides his daughter Lili Dimkova, his grandson Petur Dimkov and lots of his former patients took place in the film. Archival frames and photos from the personal files of the Healer are used. There are also frames shot in the beginning of the 20th century till its end.
The film was broadcasted on the Bulgarian National Television and it generated 30 % share.

The film won awards for a striking and talented reproduction of the art of the life of the national healer:

Second international cinema festival , Moscow
Eurasian TV competition - , Orenburg
Tenth Euroasian TV forum Moscow


He was born in Sofia on 19th December 1886 St. Nicolas day (OS). His father was a priest in St. Petka and St. Nedelya churches. His grandmother was a naturopath and she often dictated the little Petyo recipes. He was writing them down in a special notebook. During his life Petur Dimkov inscribed more than 10000 recipes using over 300 types of herbs.

In 1900 Petur Dimkov enrolled at the Poltava Cadet Corps, which he graduated with honours. Then he studied in the St Petersburgs Military Academy which he graduated in 1909 also with honours. In Russia Dimkov met the work of the greatest Russian writers and the socio-political thinkers, which influence him to believe in the power of the human soul. Just about 16 years old he was enchanted with Tolstoys ideas and as a first step he became a vegetarian.

In July 1909 Petur Dimkov was enlisted in the Bulgarian army. He participated in the Balkan War, the Second Balkan War and the World War I. and along with the accoutrements he always brought with him the Bible. Dimkov firmly believed that God is inside us and there is no obstacle that hinders us to make connection with Him.

Petur Dimkov was decorated with all the military orders that were given in Bulgaria. He was injured eight times. His words say: Respect yourself, have the faith in yourself. This is the best way to strike the others with respect and trust.

Though the recantation of the ruling circles, they often asked for his help. Even the first leader of the communist world Leonid Brezhnev asked personally for his assistance. The meeting took place during one of the visits of the soviet leader. Dimkov gave him advice not to relay on the climate here Brezhnev was curing in Bankia. He had to search for a better treatment for his desease.

The daughter of the Bulgarian dictator Todor Zhivkov Liudmila Zhivkova, after a serious automobile accident, cured according to the prescriptions of Dimkov. After the treatment was over her headache disappeared completely, so did the scar on her forehead. Moreover, Liudmila was speaking for hours with the healer of Bulgaria. She began to take books from his personal library. She even called him: Father Petyo. Petur Dimkov was more than a doctor, he became also a teacher of Liudmila. Influenced by him she was preparing a book about the Bogomilism. In July 1981 Liudmila Zhivkova unexpectedly died. A couple of months later, on 4th October 1981 Petur Dimkov suddenly died while he was sleeping.

During his lifetime Dimkov had often met the celebrated Bulgarian prophet Vanga. Nobody witnesses their meetings. During one of her stays in the Sofia hospitals Vanga infected Dimkov with virus pneumonia. The doctors saved him with great difficulties. During his long sickness the healer often lost consciousness. Even in this condition, exhausted by the sickness, in semi-consciousness, he was trying to get up, to see and cure his patients.

Dimkov has met the teacher of Bulgaria Petur Dunov numerous times in his life. He became one of his followers. He respects and reveres all the messengers of the White lodge, the Universal White Brotherhood that have come to bring the humanity knowledge for the divine truth. The Director: Stilyan Ivanov is also the author of the film. He graduated The National Academy for Theatrical and Cinema Arts, Sofia. He has behind him more then 10 documentaries. Among them is one 90 minute film about the Bulgarian prophet Vanga and 120 minute reel about the legend of the popular music in Bulgaria Emil Dimitrov.

Producer: Dodofilm Bulgaria

"The Healer Petar Dimkov"
A Documentary
Duration: 58 min
Format: HD
There is a narrator in the film and it is based on interviews and documentary frames.
Year of production: 2007